What Industry Needs to Wear Reflective Clothing?


Reflective clothing is to add reflective strips to ordinary work clothes. Its function is to reflect other light sources in the dark, so that distant drivers and passersby can see you as soon as possible to avoid accidents. So which industries require reflective strips?

1. Sanitation clothing, sanitation workers often go to work late at night and early in the morning, and the dim light is prone to accidents, so it is very dangerous. Reflective strips need to be added to work clothes.

2. The working environment of the employees in the coal mining industry is to work under the dark mine every day. Therefore, reflective stripes should be added to the clothing to ensure the safety of employees.

3. The fireman's job is to rescue the scene of the fire, and the reflective strips in the thick smoke play a great role, so that people in danger can clearly see hope.

4. Night shift workers. For some employees who need to work night shifts, it is very dangerous to take the night shift. Even night shift employees have accidents. Therefore, the company can customize reflective workwear or reflective jackets for night shift employees, only during night shift Wear on the road to protect employees' safety.

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