• Multifunctional Fabric

Soft / Harder Fabric Handel Finish

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Tianyu Textiles provide more functional treatment on workwear fabric. This could provide multifunctional protection – or to combine protection with greater comfort  or a fit and smarter appearance. For more information please contact one of our sales representatives who will be happy to advise.

Soft / Harder Fabric Handel Finish

Tianyu Textile could control the fabric handfeeling accoring to customers requirement. this finish can be applied to enhance a fabric’s own inherent softness or hardness,  It gives a ‘super soft’ or  "stiff" handle and greatly improves the fabris’ natural drape and a garment’s stylish look.

So it’s an effective way to maximise wearer comfort and maintain a smart appearance-without compromising on a hard wearing and hard-working performance. good handfeeling but durable,allowed for repeated washing.

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