Waterproof and Oil Resistant Fabrics are More Popular With Workwear Manufacturers


The concept of water and oil resistance is emerging in clothing, textiles, home textile fabrics and sensitive technical textiles. Adding stain-resistant properties to fabrics through post-finishing, especially cotton and its blends, has achieved amazing developments in the past few years. Due to changes in lifestyle, increased awareness and high-end demand, the demand for waterproof and oil-repellent textiles is growing. Especially in the field of workwear, waterproof and oil-proof functions are becoming more and more important.

In different industry fields, the specific requirements for workwear fabrics are also very different. The waterproof and oil-repellent and easy-to-decontaminate performance is a more general performance requirement, mainly concentrated in the fields of catering, gas stations, construction, pilots and other fields.

1. The requirements of tooling for waterproof and washing resistance:
Generally requires 100 points before washing, 90 points after 30 washings (GB / T21655)

2. The requirements of tooling for oil resistance and washing resistance:
Generally, it is required to be ≥7 before washing and ≥5 after 30 washings (GB / T28895)

3. The requirements of tooling for easy decontamination and washing resistance:
≥3 grades after 30 washings (GB / T28895)

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