Teach you How to Identify the Advantages and Disadvantages of Woven Fabrics


Woven fabric is a loom in the form of throwing, the yarn is formed by the interlacing of the warp and weft directions, and its organization generally has three categories: plain weave, twill and satin. This kind of fabric is firm and not easily deformed due to the interlacing of warp and wefts, and is very popular with the clothing industry. However, buyers always encounter various woven fabrics with uneven quality. Today, Tianyu Textile will teach you how to distinguish the quality of woven fabrics.

First of all, it is the most direct way to identify the fabric by its affinity. Good woven fabrics and textiles gather together. They have high color fastness and are not easily deformed. Normal fabrics will appear sparse textile and poor color fastness. This method, which can be directly identified by the naked eye, is very simple, and everyone must pay attention to these details when purchasing.

Second, it can be distinguished by color. A good woven fabric has bright colors, high adhesion to raw materials, and a soft hand. It can still maintain the original color after repeated washing, and will not become white and hard.

Although the appearance of woven fabrics is not very different, the price varies greatly. With the development of processing technology and market requirements, this fabric is also developing in the direction of higher quality.

The woven fabric produced by Tianyu Textile can be processed into various types of clothing, high quality and reasonable price. Repeated washing can still maintain the original quality, and has won praise from customers in many places. A variety of color options, different processing techniques can be used according to customer requirements, if you have needs, please contact us as soon as possible!