Common Knowledge of Summer Workwear Fabric Care


In summer, not only the shape of fashion is diverse, but also the workwear fabrics are brilliant, they are combined into a colorful summer style! Tianyu Textile has sorted out the maintenance knowledge of several common tooling fabrics, let's take a look together!

(1) Cotton

The cotton fabric has good hygroscopicity, soft hand feeling, hygienic and comfortable wearing, firm and durable; good dyeing performance, soft gloss and natural beauty; alkali-resistant, high-temperature alkali treatment can be made into mercerized cotton; poor wrinkle resistance and large shrinkage rate.

cleaning method:

1. For clothing made mainly of cotton, please wash it separately by hand. If it is machine-washed, please wash it separately with a gentle washing method. The washing time should not exceed 30 minutes;
2. Cotton fabrics should not be soaked and washed with cold water; wash immediately after launching. It is best to add a spoonful of table salt in cold water for the first wash;
3. Use neutral detergent or special detergent. It is forbidden to use chlorine and enzyme cleaning products;
4. After washing, it should be dried in the shade and avoid exposure to avoid the fading of dark clothes. When drying in the sun, turn the inside out;
5. In order to make your dressing effect more perfect, please iron it before wearing, and use 160-180 degree medium temperature ironing for cotton fabrics;
6. When the clothes are not worn, please stack them neatly or hang them after washing and put them in a cool and ventilated place;
7. Wash separately from other clothes; the soaking time should not be too long to avoid discoloration.

1. Avoid prolonged exposure to avoid reducing the fastness and causing discoloration and yellowing;
2. Wash and dry, separate dark and light colors;
3. Pay attention to ventilation and avoid moisture to avoid mold;
4. The underwear can not be soaked in hot water to avoid yellow sweat spots.

(2) Polyester

Polyester fabric, strong and durable, anti-wrinkle and firm, good dimensional stability, but poor water absorption, easy to wash and dry, no iron; easy to generate static electricity, easy to fluff; uncomfortable to wear

cleaning method:
1. Can be washed with various washing powders and soaps;
2. The washing temperature is below 45 degrees Celsius;
3. Machine washable, hand washable and dry cleanable;
4. Can be washed with a brush.

1. Do not expose to sunlight;
2. It should not be dried.


Nylon has good elasticity and abrasion resistance; it is not light-resistant and easy to age.

cleaning method:
1. Use general synthetic detergent, water temperature should not exceed 45 degrees;
2. Can be twisted lightly, avoid exposure and drying;
3. Low temperature steam ironing;
4. Ventilate and dry after washing.

1. The ironing temperature cannot exceed 110 degrees;
2. Steam must be used when ironing, not dry.

The workwear embodies the corporate image. The correct method of maintaining tooling can increase its service life. It is comfortable to wear and has a wide appearance. The tooling fabrics that Tianyu prevents from being produced are your best choice!