How to distinguish the water-repellent and waterproof of the fabric?


The water-repellent property of the fabric means that the fabric is specially treated by the water-repellent agent, and the surface thereof can form water droplets into a bead shape, which does not cause penetration and diffusion to wet the clothes, and achieves a water-like function like a lotus leaf (lotus effect). Water repellent processing is the use of this principle, a layer of ultra-fine "needle bed" is attached to the surface of the cloth with various chemical materials, so that the tension on the surface of the cloth is less than the cohesive force of the water, so the water droplets will form a water droplet to roll away. Not spread out. If the structure of the needle bed is flattened or covered with oil, the water repellent capacity of the fabric will be greatly reduced, and even water absorption will begin.


Functional treatment to prevent water from penetrating. Now waterproof treatment often uses waterproof membrane to prevent water molecules from getting deeper, but the film itself is too fragile, so it depends on the surface cloth, film, and inner lining to achieve waterproof function. The water resistance is expressed by the water pressure resistance value, that is, the water pressure of the fixed area is blocked by the tarpaulin with a fixed area, and the water pressure resistance value of the fabric is obtained when the surface oozes the third water droplet, which is usually more than 1000 mm. The most basic waterproof ability.

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