Why would we lay such an emphasis on the faultless manufacture of our products if we risked cargo during the transport process?
Due to the accurate development and standardization of the packaging process as well as to the detailed packaging guidelines issued to our Partners, the Henan Tianyu Textile quality our Customers are used to can be recognized from far away.

Most important points of the packaging and transport specifications for the fabrics:

Polyester bag It is super strong and, at the same time, flexible to protect fabrics against any damage during transport.
Cardboard tube Its inner diameter of 30 to 50 mm and wall thickness of 5 mm ensure that it can be easily rolled with a lever bar on the cutting table and does not crash under the weight of the material.



Sticker labels provide the information required for the identification of the rolls.

What tests are the fabrics we distribute subjected to?

· Material composition and structure tests

· strength tests (breaking strength, tearing strength, yarn slip along the stitch, etc.)

· colour fastness tests (light, washing, rubbing, perspiration, dry cleaning, saliva, etc.)

· dimensional change tests

· surface change and durability tests (flexing resistance, air permeability, liability to creasing, pilling test, wear resistance, etc.)

· flame resistance tests

· chemical tests (contaminant content, prohibited allergenic colorants, conserving agents, fire retardants, etc.)