Henan Tianyu Textile flame retardant fabric



Henan Tianyu textile use special technology”PROBAN” to produce flame retardant fabric.Flame retardant of our factory used for this product is a kind of durable flame retardant used for 100% cotton and cotton/other material mixture fabrics. It's characterized by durable fireproof property and washing time over 50 times, due to the permanent junction in the interior of fibers through technical process of this fire retardant.The flame resistant fabric can not only prevent the fire spreading effectively,but also keep its original performance.Fireproof protective clothes made of this material are durable against washing,non-poisonous,smell free,safe to human body and comfortable to wear. Tested by authoritative organizations such as MTL, TUV, SGS,etc. it’s flame retardant can reach the standards of EN531, EN533, EN470-1, NFPA2112,ASTM etc. 


Our main kinds of flame retardant fabrics are listed as below:

1. 100% cotton FR fabric—Natural composition-cotton fiber is the peculiarity of this fabric.Natural composition provide excellent hygienic properties ,permeability,comfortable to wear,super soft etc.And we can provide fabrics of twill,plain cloth,satin etc.

2. CVC FR fabric—This fabric is a result of more than 60% cotton and less than 40% PE blending in the certain proportion ,So it has excellent properties of both of cotton and polyester, it has better strength and low shrinkage,wear life lasts longer.

 3.  C/N FR fabric.  88%/12% cotton/nylon mixture fabrics. It has excellent abrasion resistance better strength,super soft etc.

The wear life of C/N FR fabric can be extended more than 50% . C/N protective clothing enhanced protection from electrical arc, flash fire,molten etc.

4. Elastic FR fabric a result of cotton and Polyurethane Fiber blending in the proportion of 95%/5%.This fabric have excellent characteristic of cotton,at the same time,because of Polyurethane Fiber,it also have good elasticity.So Elastic FR clothing is more comfortable to wear,and anti-shrinkage

5. FR&anti-static fabric. It has performance of flame retardant,it is also permanent anti-static property because of conductive carbon blended with in the warp and weft.Both of the properties can reach their own standards.Flame retardant can meet the European standards such as EN533 EN531 EN470-1,

NFPA2112,ASTMF1959,anti-static properties can reach the standards of EN1149

6.Flame retardant&oil-water proof fabric.This fabric has properties of flame retardant,oil resistant and water proof. Work wear made of this fabric can be permeability, light,comfortable to wear.It is also difficult to burn when meet fire,can stop burning when got away from fire,prevent oil from soaking and water infiltrating flame retardant performance can reach standards of EN533 EN531 EN470-1 NFPA2112,ASTMF1959,16CFR oil&water proof performance can meet the standards of AATCC118,AATCC22,AATCC130 etc.