For Henan Tianyu Textile, quality is important primarily because of it’s Customers and secondly for ourselves. We like our Customers and also like our products; for this very reason, we are utterly committed to quality goods and services. We have opened our own subsidiaries in several countries in order to be able to provide direct services to the highest standard to our Customers. As we understand, quality does not only mean products of faultless quality, but also a committed staff and the expertise that has been collected by Henan Tianyu Textile and passed down to the next generations of staff for more than two decades. In order to be able to meet our Customers’ and our own expectations in every respect, we monitor the life cycle of our raw materials from the yarn through manufacture then transport up until delivery to our Customers. Thus, or company works only with yarns and fabrics of faultless quality, which are subjected to continuous inspections and tests. In order to be able to provide the same outstanding quality in each and every delivery, we have standardized and continuously develop our processes. Our materials are made according to European standards, which can be viewed by clicking here.  What factors affect the quality of work wear fabrics? In the case of work wear fabrics, many considerations jointly represent quality. Colour stability is important just like always faultless finishing, intact packaging or the damage-free transport of goods.



One of our most important tasks is to maintain the colour consistency of our fabrics. A key factor in ensuring colour consistency is to have continuous dyeing machines. Our textile goods are dyed with continuous dyeing machines without exception, thus colour consistency is always perfect within the same delivery. 
Nearly 2,000 colors of PANTONE TEXTILE are stored in our system. For this very reason, irrespective of their similarity in colour to any extent, two rolls of different colors in stock are given different article numbers, since we are able to keep a record of up to 2,000 colour variants of a given product.



Our Customers often turn to us with custom colors conceived by them. In such a case, our task is not only to produce the colour, of course, but also to store it to ensure its irretrievability later. Due to this, the very same colour can be prepared again simply and quickly even several years later. After a second or subsequent order is received, the exact colour formula can be immediately retrieved from our archives.