UV resistant fabrics produced by Henan Tianyu Protective products


Henan Tianyu Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional processing UV-resistant fabric manufacturers. The anti-ultraviolet fabric produced by Henan Tianyu Textile uses the latest nanometer anti-ultraviolet technology. It is made of ordinary fabrics treated with the latest anti-ultraviolet rays, and the UV shielding rate is ≥ 95% UPF50. It can effectively prevent the invasion and injury of ultraviolet rays to human body, and at the same time, it is non-toxic. No irritation, washing resistance and other properties.

The anti-ultraviolet fabric produced by Henan Tianyu is non-toxic, safe to human body, no irritation to skin, no allergic reaction, and good moisture absorption and air permeability. Good washing performance, after 50 washing, the fabric UPF value is still as high as 30, but also has very good color fastness. The use of products has been expanded from sun umbrella to sunshade, clothing, curtains, tents, field work clothes, plateau clothing and other fields.

The UV-resistant fabrics produced by Henan Tianyu Textile Co., Ltd can produce dark blue, orange red, bright red, deep gray, treasure blue, dark green and so on. If the customer has special needs, we can be tailored to your special needs.