Which fabric is more cool and comfortable for summer T-shirt workwear?


The summer heat is unbearable. Naturally, the comfort of work clothes is particularly important. A cool and comfortable overalls can help employees calm down their irritability and integrate into their work more quickly. The comfort of work clothes depends largely on the characteristics of the fabric itself. Today Tianyu Textile will give you a brief introduction to several commonly used summer short-sleeved workwear custom-made fabrics. You can take a look at which one is more in line with your needs.

Polyester/cotton is divided into several types according to the cotton content. Among them, 65/35, 80/20 is 65% polyester, 35% cotton or 80% polyester, and 20% cotton is more widely used in work clothes. In general, the higher the cotton content, the better the breathability of the work clothes, the corresponding moisture absorption and perspiration performance, and the more comfortable to wear. However, the work clothes of polyester and cotton fabrics are good to wear in 65/35, 80/20 is a bit too hard, and the customer experience is a bit poor.

60% cotton, 40% polyester. The cotton content of CVC fabric is as high as 60%, and the comfort is much higher.

Pure cotton:
Work clothes made of pure cotton are more breathable and softer and more comfortable to wear. For economic performance, choose polyester/cotton 65/35, and for comfort, choose CVC or cotton.

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