What do you know about poplin fabrics?


Poplin feels and looks similar to silk, so it is called poplin. In ancient China, it was often used for the production of daguan noble clothing. The main fabrics were pure cotton, polyester/cotton, etc. It belongs to plain weave, but it is different from ordinary plain weave. It has a finer texture, a strong dangling root, and richer hand and visual senses.

1. Production method
The fabric of poplin is also woven with plain weave. Compared with plain weave, the ratio of warp density to weft density is generally 1.8~2.2:1. As the warp density is significantly greater than the weft density, diamond grains composed of warp yarn protrusions are formed on the fabric surface. Woven poplin fabrics, usually fine cotton or polyester cotton special yarn. According to the different yarns used, it is divided into yarn poplin, half-line poplin (strand for warp), and thread poplin (strand for both warp and weft).

2. Fabric characteristics
All kinds of poplin fabrics have the characteristics of clean and smooth cloth surface, fine texture, full grain, full luster, softness and softness.

3. Fabric classification
According to the different spinning projects, it is divided into carded poplin and combed poplin. Differentiated by weaving pattern, there are hidden stripe poplin, satin stripe grid poplin, jacquard poplin, color stripe color grid poplin, flash color poplin, etc. According to the printing and dyeing of natural poplin grey cloth, there are bleached poplin, variegated poplin and printed poplin.

4. Fabric use
Now poplin is often used to make summer clothes, such as shirts and shorts. The structure is compact, the cloth surface is uniform, the texture is clear, and the surface of the fabric has diamond-shaped particles composed of obvious warp protrusions. It is smooth and soft, and has silk characteristics. It is particularly cool to wear in summer. In addition, the work clothes made of poplin fabric in recent years are also very popular, wearing a breathable and soft drape, and the texture is very beautiful and versatile.

The above is the common poplin fabric in our life. It has a beautiful appearance and a comfortable upper body. Tianyu Textile has been producing poplin fabrics for 30 years, with rich experience, 100% quality assurance, and international shipping. If you like this fabric, please contact us!