What should be paid attention to when choosing workwear fabrics?


Workwear fabrics are workwear fabrics specially tailored to the needs of workers. It can effectively clean, prevent pollution, protect the body from mechanical trauma and harmful chemical drugs, thermal radiation burns, including protection, washing resistance, anti-bacterial and mildew resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance, etc. With the popularity of work clothes, the Workwear fabric industry is also getting more and more attention!

*Workwear Fabric Characteristics:

1. Economical

The most important feature of tooling fabrics is that they are economical. Many employees are equipped with work clothes after they enter the company. Because of the number of employees, it is particularly important to choose an economical source. Tooling fabrics are the most existing for the production of work clothes for various enterprises. The source of the economy.

2. Functionality

According to the different nature of the enterprise, there are different types of tooling fabrics, such as: construction companies, should choose high wear-resistant canvas (plain cloth) or Oxford cloth tooling fabrics; electronic companies, should choose anti-static tooling fabrics, etc.

3. Comfortable and durable

Because work clothes are the clothes that employees wear for the longest time, they must be comfortable and durable. Tooling fabrics basically have this feature!

*Selection Principle

The choice of tooling fabrics needs to select the appropriate fabric to make work clothes according to the characteristics of the work clothes you need and the industry. Its hygroscopicity, water absorption, thermal insulation, breathability, gas content, thermal conductivity, heat radiation resistance, water resistance, sweat resistance, etc. can protect the human body from external and internal pollution. Dust, soot, industrial gases and dust, etc., these require that the choice of tooling fabric should be based on the actual situation.

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