What is polyester cotton flame retardant fabric?


 Polyester cotton flame retardant fabric is an important part of flame retardant fabric. Polyester fiber is the largest class of synthetic fibers, its output ranks the first of all chemical fibers, with a series of excellent properties, such as high breaking strength and modulus of elasticity, excellent thermal setting performance, high heat resistance; fabric wash ability, wear ability, good corrosion resistance, weak acid, alkali and other stability, so it has a wide range of applications, especially It's coat material.

Because of the particularity of polyester cotton flame retardant fabric, the flame retardant finishing of polyester cotton flame retardant fabric is very difficult. At present, the more effective flame retardant finishing method is to use special flame retardant to make the flame retardant exist in the fiber, to make the polyester cotton flame retardant fabric produce non-flammable gas or melt to form a covering layer or itself with high melting point can absorb a large amount of heat or release groups which can capture high-energy free radicals, and so on. Target.
The polyester cotton flame retardant fabric produced by Henan Tianyu Textile Co., Ltd. not only maintains the characteristics of high strength and good elastic recovery of polyester fiber, but also has the characteristics of strong moisture absorption of cotton fiber, easy to dye, easy to wash, no-ironing and quick drying. This fabric highlights the style of polyester fiber and the advantages of cotton fabric, elasticity and wear resistance are good in dry and wet conditions, polyester cotton twill fabric size stability, shrinkage rate is small, with tall, wrinkle proof, easy to wash, fast drying characteristics, can not be ironed at high temperature and boiling water immersion. On this basis, the polyester cotton flame retardant fabric can increase flame retardant, anti static, oil and water repellence, acid and alkali resistance, and UV protection.