Tianyu Textile Flame retardant fabric--- to ensure the safety of workers


 With the upcoming of new year, it is easy to have a fire accident in all of the industry due to the dryed and cold weather. There are countless injuries and losses caused by the fire. It is undeniable that the fire-proof is extremely significant once the fire is taken. all of the industry should have the guideline of fire prevention and shall take measures for construction sites to ensure safety and prevent dangers and fires. 

when the fire hazard happened,labor personal protective garment and equipment could reduce and limit the casualties and damages. Flame retardant fabric made by Tianyu Textile is a kind of protective fabric which can slow the flame spread that can be widely used in oli fields, oil refineries, oil depots, ships, wharves, airports, hangars and other important occasions, to fight and prevent fires.

Flame retardant fabric is the one of the major products of Tianyu Textile and we have two flame retardant treatment line in the factory. As the leaders of flame retardant fabric in the market. Tianyu Textile focus on the workwear fabric for all of the industry and we provide the one-stop service for customers.