Take you to learn more about clean workwear


With the progress of the times, dust-free work clothes have also become a rigid demand for factories. The fields of application are also increasing. From the previous electronics industry to the current microelectronics industry, fine machinery industry, pharmaceutical/food industry, aerospace industry, military industry, petroleum industry, printing industry and other industries with clean rooms, dust-free work clothes are essential .

Many friends have a question about clean work clothes! Polyester fabric is made of chemical fiber, which is easier to generate static electricity, while pure cotton fabric can better prevent static electricity. Why use polyester fabric instead of pure cotton fabric for dust-free work clothes? Let Tianyu Textile tell you!

Because the polyester fiber is relatively long, it is not easy to separate out lint, and it is relatively thin, and the woven fabric has a high density, which has a good dust-proof effect. Insert carbon fiber filaments (conductive filaments) at equal distances inside the polyester fabric, generally 0.5cm or 0.25cm, so that the fabric has the effect of discharging static electricity.

Polyester fabric has good conductive, antistatic performance and dustproof function. It has effective and long-lasting anti-static and dust-proof performance, thin and smooth, and clear texture. In the process of making garments, a special overlock machine is used to effectively reduce the generation of particles. The dust-free hook and loop tape avoids polluting the environment due to hair loss.

polyester fabric is more suitable for making dust-free work clothes. Tianyu Textile has more than 30 years of experience in the production of workwear fabrics. The products are sold at home and abroad with 100% quality assurance. If you need them, please contact us!