Learn more about flame retardant fabrics, getting a better understanding of flame retardant work clothes!


Flame-retardant clothing is customized and processed by flame-retardant fabrics. Flame-retardant fabrics can also burn, but will be extinguished themselves after isolation from fire source.

At present, there are two main types of flame-retardant fabrics in the market. The first type is more common to make fabrics with flame-retardant function, such as making flame-retardant treatments on 100% cotton fabric; the other kind of fabric has flame-retardant function by itself, imaging Fabrics as aramid and acrylic cotton.

The point is here, what knowledge of flame retardant fabrics will be brought to you?


Aramid has the characteristics of permanent flame retardation, in addition its wear resistance is also excellent, softer and has good chemical stability. The aramid fabric is non-toxic, can be used at high temperatures and has good resistance on Acidity and alkalinity, generally won’t be decomposed under 400 degrees. Can be used in the production and processing of protective clothing.



The cotton flame-retardant fabric is making cotton fabric as the base material, then treated with FR technique to make the fabric have flame-retardant properties. The PROBAN and PYROAVTEX techniques are often used, which will not damage the cotton fiber own characteristics after processing.



The CVC flame-retardant fabric is also made by post-processing, using CVC fabric (cotton-polyester blended fabric, and the content of cotton is greater than or equal to polyester) as the base material, processed through the PROBAN treatment. This product is more used in fire-fighting clothing and protective clothing etc.



Cotton/Nylon flame-retardant fabric is also known as C/N, it has excellent abrasion resistance and flame retardation, its formaldehyde content meets environmental protection indicators, in possession of softer handfeel and good color fastness. By comparison its thermal protection is relatively better than the above materials.

FR Fabric made by Tianyu Textile, is all accorded with Europea, America stardants. please contact with your sales person for more information.