Common Workwear Fabrics are Mainly Suitable for Industries


There are many fabrics that can be made into work clothes, so how can you choose the right one for your industry? While ensuring the unity of the company's image, it can also give workers a good dressing experience, let Tianyu Textile tell you how to choose!

Oil and water repellent fabric

The work clothes made of this fabric are suitable for workers who often come into contact with oil and water mediums. They have the advantages of not being soaked with oil, impervious to water, breathable, and good moisture permeability. They are widely used in the petroleum industry, machinery manufacturing, maintenance, Sanitation system, food processing and other industries.

Anti-static fabric

Anti-static work clothes are protective clothing that must be worn in flammable and explosive places. Anti-static fabric is made of anti-static fiber blend. The fabric has strong durability and can be widely used by workers in flammable and explosive gas, dust, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and electronics industries.

Fire retardant fabric

Fabrics with fire and flame retardant properties can effectively prevent the spread of flame and protect the original properties of the fabric. The protective clothing made of the fabric has good washing performance, no odor, safe wearing, comfortable and reliable, and can be widely used in the metallurgical, fire protection, machinery, forestry, shipbuilding, electric welding and other industries to make protective clothing.

Abrasion and tear resistant fabric

Workers with high outdoor working strength often need to use wear-resistant and tear-resistant fabrics to make overalls. The fabric is breathable and comfortable to wear, and is suitable for construction, mining and other industries.

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