In 2020, these Three Functional Fabrics will Lead the Market


There are many types of fabrics. In the new year, which fabrics will be more popular in the market? Let Tianyu Textile answer this question for you.

Super waterproof fabric

Ordinary raincoats can prevent the penetration of rainwater, but are not conducive to the exclusion of sweat and water vapor.

Moisture-permeable waterproof fabrics change this shortcoming. By using the great difference in the size of water vapor particles and raindrops, a porous structure film with a pore size smaller than that of raindrops is attached to the surface of the fabric, so that raindrops cannot pass through, but water vapor and sweat It can pass smoothly and is good for ventilation.

Flame retardant fabric

Flame retardant fabric is made by spinning, weaving and dyeing of innate flame retardant fiber. The fabric has the characteristics of flame retardant, abrasion resistance, temperature resistance, washability, acid and alkali resistance, waterproof, antistatic, high strength, etc. It is suitable for making protective clothing in metallurgical, oilfield, coal mine, chemical, power, fire protection industries. .

Antistatic fabric

In the autumn and winter seasons, under dry weather conditions, the body is prone to generate frictional static electricity with close-fitting clothing, especially contact with polyester-containing textile fabrics.

After antistatic treatment of polyester fabric, it can reduce the volume resistance or surface resistivity of the fabric to accelerate the leakage of static electricity, eliminate the trouble of static electricity, and improve the products's reputation for consumer.

The antistatic fabric adopts the method of hydrophilic finishing or adding conductive fibers to make the fabric conductive. This fabric is not easy to absorb ash and antistatic, and is very suitable for making special work clothes, such as dustproof clothing.

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