What is the Flame Retardant Principle of Flame Retardant Workwear Fabrics?


What is the flame retardant principle of flame retardant workwear fabrics? Many customers are not particularly aware of the flame retardant principles of flame retardant fabrics, and they are not sure what the specific protection standards for flame retardant workwear are. Now Tianyu Textile has sorted it out for you to understand the flame retardant principles of flame retardant fabrics and flame retardant workwear.

The flame retardant fiber in the
flame retardant workwear fabric can greatly slow down the burning speed of the work clothes, and it can be extinguished immediately after leaving the fire source, and the burning part is required to be quickly carbonized without melting, dripping or piercing, giving people time to evacuate and burn. Take off the clothes on the scene or take off the clothes to reduce or avoid burns and scalds, to achieve the purpose of protection.

There are two main types of flame retardant principles. One is to accelerate the dehydration and carbonization of fibers to reduce the flammable materials to reach flame retardancy, such as the ammonia treatment of fabrics and the treatment of cotton cloths; To achieve the purpose of flame retardant.

Tianyu’s Flame retardant work clothes are particularly suitable for use in petroleum, chemical, gas station, metallurgy, welding, mining, repair and other industries. The clothing fabric is strong, not easy to break, durable, has high color fastness, soft and comfortable, and can be produced according to customer's requirements. Pluben flame retardant, Ciba flame retardant and Frecotex flame retardant, low formaldehyde content, non-toxic No odor, safe and reliable, comfortable to wear. Tianyu Textile is definitely your best choice for purchasing workwear fabrics!