• Flame Retardant Fabric
  • Flame Retardant Fabric

FR- Fleece 280gsm|60% Modacrylic 38% Cotton 2% Antistatic | Knitted Fleece Fabric

  • Material: • 60% Modacrylic 38% Cotton 2% Antistatic
  • Fabric Weight: • 280gsm
  • Fabric Width(cm): • 57/58"
  • Minimum Order Quanlity (MOQ): • 1000kg (Make-to-order)

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280gsm 60% Modacrylic 38% Cotton 2% Antistatic FR Knitted Fleece Fabric

FR-Fleece is made of 60% Modacrylic fibers and 38% Cotton together with 2% Antistatic fiber, Designed to conbine softness and warmth of Fleece fabric with some heat and flame Resistance features. The part of Modacrylic fibers interwoven with Cotton provides to the the whole fabric its flame resistance. FR-Fleece can be used as a middle layer or warmer for winter FR-clothing. 

Color Change (Washing 60°C) 4-5(Light)   4-5 (Dark) ISO 105 C06
Color Staining (Washing 60°C)  4 (Light)      3 (Dark) ISO 105 C06
Rubbing Fastness Dry 4-5(Light)    3 (Dark) ISO 105 X12:1995
Rubbing Fastness Wet 3-4(Light)   2-3 (Dark) ISO 105 X12:1995
Light Fastness 3-4(Light)   3-4 (Dark) ISO 105 B02


Bursting Resistance 232KPa ISO 13938-1:1999
Dimensional Stability to Washing (Max) <5% ISO 5077-ISO 6330
Abrasion Resistance  15,000 rubs EN ISO 12947-2:1999
 Pilling Resistant  4                      ENISO 12945-2:2001
 Flame Resistant  EN ISO11612  A1, B1, B1, C2, F1
 Anti-Static  EN1149-5:2018
Care Instructions
Accreditations of FR- Fleece-280gsm

Certifications: ISO 11612, EN 1149, EN 20471

Benefits of FR- Fleece-280gsm

Very warm and Breathable

Available in High Visibility

Safe to Skin

No heavy metal contained and Free Formaldehyde

Durable & easycare

Key Features:

FR-treatment: Inherent Flame Retardant

Area of use: FR-clothing, Industrial clothing

Weave: FR-Knit Fleece

Wash Performance: Domestic Wash


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