What fabric no pilling, method of preventing pilling


 Generally, fabrics containing chemical fiber (polyester, acrylic, spandex, etc.) will pilling. What is reason of the pilling ? The fabric is made of yarns interwoven. The yarn is made up of various types of fibers, if the fibers are mixed with some short fibers. After being rubbed, the fabric runs from the yarn. Come out and curl into a pilling.


    Knowing the reason for the fabric pilling, the next is introduces you to what fabrics are not easy to pilling.


The linen fabricIt is not easy to pilling

    Features: comfortable to wear, soft, sweat-absorbent, extremely wrinkled, easy to deform, easy to dye or discolor. It has a good visual, in a state of good care. Aristocrat in the shirt fabric.


cotton + polyester fabric, not easy to pilling

    Cotton + polyester is mixed according to a certain composition. This fabric has a hard hand feeling , is not as comfortable as cotton, is not easy to be deformed, is not easy to wrinkle,  According to the ratio of cotton and polyester, the characteristics are pure cotton or pure polyester is no pilling.


    Next, our task is to find a way to prevent the problem of fabric pilling in daily wear. How to prevent the fabric from pilling?


    Method 1 to prevent fabric pilling:

   Choose fibers that are less prone to pilling during yarn and fabric production.


    Method 2 to prevent fabric pilling:

   Lubsoft is added to prevent friction during processing before production and dyeing in a jet dyeing machine;


    Method 3 to prevent fabric pilling:

For polyester and polyester/cellulosic fiber blend fabrics, partial alkali reduction of the polyester component reduces the strength of the polyester, so the pellets are easily removed. The amount should be appropriate to avoid excessive softness and lubrication, which would otherwise cause the fibers to move to the surface and cause pilling.