After a beautiful and peaceful Chinese Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), Tianyu Textile is already back to work and ready to serve you in 2017.  

Recently, our R&D department done the significant work and bring the series of new product---Synthetic Oxford, and now the technology is maturing enough to offer broad range of synthetic oxford fabric for our old and new customers, 

Oxford- the synthetic oxford fabric could be used for multiple purpose. Basket type of weaving provides good durability and breathable properties. it is soft and dries well. It is a very durable and hard-wearing. Oxford fabric also could used with additional coating. For example, oxford fabric with polyurethane coating grantee high waterproof characteristics of fabric and prevents accumulation of dirt between fibers. 
The density of Oxford is determined by the thread thickness which is stated in DEN(Denier), the bigger D number - the thicker thread is in Oxford, the texture of the fabric is more clear.  
Field of application of Oxford fabric is widely used along with its density and type of coating. Oxford can be used for producing outer wear and workwear (jackets, overalls etc) as well as for bags, backpacks suitcases, tents, equipage for tourism, hunting and fishing, tables, chairs, sleeping bags and different kinds of cases.
Oxford fabric are available with PU(polyurethane), PVE(polyvinyl chloride), WR (water resistant) and Breathable finishes.
PU: (polyurethane)-inner colorless coating which provides water- and wind-resisting properties. Water-proofing capacity varies from 200 up to 5000mm of water column.
PVC(polyvinyl chloride)-inner thick rubber-impregnated coating which provides complete water resistance. It has low thermal and Electra conductivity, it is resistant to many kinds of chemical agents. Thickness of PVC is measured in mkm. 
For more information about Tianyu Oxford fabric, please visit and download our catalog below, or contact with us to ask free samples for quality check!

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