How to judge the use of environmental flame retardant in flame-retardant fabric


 In addition to permanent flame-retardant fabric-aramid flame-retardant fabric, Morick flame-retardant fabric does not need to add flame retardant finishing. The flame retardant properties of other fabrics require the finishing and processing of flame retardants to be used.


At present, there are many kinds of flame retardants. How to judge whether the flame retardant fabric you buy is an environmental retardant. The new branch of special textiles provides you with the following methods.


1. The most direct way is to require the supplier to provide the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 test report, which is the most authoritative environmental testing standard for flame-retardant fabrics in the industry. With this report, your flame-retardant fabric must be using an environmentally friendly flame retardant.


2. The environmental protection performance of flame-retardant fabrics is evaluated by formaldehyde content. You can ask the supplier to provide the test results or send samples for self-test. Formaldehyde content: adult underwear 75ppm general dyeing cloth coat 300ppm, aromatic amine (carcinogen) content 20ppm.


3. Choose a professional manufacturer to purchase the flame - retardant fabric , so the quality can be guaranteed . The new protection focuses on the high - quality products.