CFR-270 Certified to EN ISO 11612 & EN 11611 after 50 Industrial Washes


This November, SGS lab has tested our hot sale Cotton FR Fabric 270GSM , flame retardant fabric to the new vrsion of the safety standard for Protective Clothing for use in Welding and Allied processes. CFR-270 certified to EN11611, 11612.


1.Tensile Strength( ISO 13934-1:2013)

Warp: 1400N  -PASS

Weft:  720n  - PASS


2.Tearing Strength (ISO 13937-2:2000)

Warp: 27N

Weft: 28N


3.Heat Resistance (ISO 17493:2016) at a Temperature of 180±5°C

After 5 washing cycles at 60°


Warp:  0.6%

Weft:  0.6%

(2)Observations Fabric

Ignition(Y/N):  No

Melting(Y/N):  No


4.Heat Resistance (ISO 17493:2016) at a Temperature of 260±5°C

After 5 washing cycles at 60°


Warp:  1.8%

Weft:  1.2%

(2)Observations Fabric

Ignition(Y/N):  No

Melting(Y/N):  No


5.Convective Heat (Code Letter B)(ISO 9151:2016)

After 5 washing

Average value for HTI24: 4.5s  Level B1


6.Limited Flame Spread(EN ISO 15025:2016, Procedure A)

Afterflame Time : Pass

Afterglow Time: Pass

Any flame to reach the upper or either vertical edge: Pass

Flaming or molten debris: Pass

Hole formation(≥5mm):Pass


7.Impact of Spatter(ISO 9150:1988)

Average No of drops: >20 Drops

Requirements:Class 1: No Ignition ≥15 Drops  Class 2: No Ignition ≥25 Drops


8.Heat Transfer(Radiation)(EN ISO 6942:2002 Method B)

Average Value for RHTI 24(s):19s Class 2


9.Electrical Resistance: EN1149-2:1997

Average Resistance(Ohm): 6.17x10^11


10.Contact Heat (ISO 12127-1:2015)

Average Threshold time(s): 8


This test report shows CFR-270 is all pass and even exceed performance requirements set out in EN11611 &11612 which are applicable to garments could be worn for a wide range of end uses, where there is a need for clothing with limited flame spread properties and where the user can be exposed to radiant or convective or contact heat or to molten metal splashes.    


CFR-270 is our hot sale flame retardant fabric with a high quality of cotton, CFR-270 could improved by the addition of polyester and antistatic yarn. It is developed for workers of oil and gas industries and it suits well both for chiefs uniform and trousers and for oil-pipeline workers uniforms.


You can find additional information on the CFR-270 product page. for certificate and quotation, please kindly contact with sales