Cotton Polyester (CVC) Flame Retardant Fabric


Cotton/Polyester Flame Retardant Fabric (CVC FR fabric)fabric is made of  80% cotton 20% polyester blended fabric treated with special chemical flame retardant finishing,  also could improved by addition of antistatic yarn,  CVC FR Fabrics have better strength color-fastness characteristics in comparison with Cotton FR Fabrics. 
Tianyu CVC FR fabric meet main European and American standards (like, ISO 11612/11611, EN 61482, , ISO 13034, EN 1149) and have been certificated in world’s leading laboratories such as BTTG (UK), Kineсtrics (Canada), Vartest (USA), AITEX (Spain), UL (USA).  our flame retardant cotton fabrics keep flame resistant properties after 100 and more washings. This has been approved by a well- recognised Underwriters Laboratory (UL).
CVC FR fabrics could choose optional Multi-functional treatment, makes it water repellent and also resistant to the influence of acids, alkali, grease and oil.
These are ideal for used inrefineries and industries using solvents or flammable gasses, Transportation of Oil & Gas (pipelines workers), Petrochemical (refineries staff). Utilities (Electrical/Water/Gas service companies personnel) etc.