Cotton Flame Retardant Fabric


Tianyu Cotton Flame Retardant Fabric collections made of 100% comfort natural cotton fibers treated with special chemical flame retardant finishing that meet main European and American standards (like, ISO 11612/11611, EN 61482, ASTM 1959, NFPA 2112) and have been certificated in world’s leading laboratories such as BTTG (UK), Kineсtrics (Canada), Vartest (USA), AITEX (Spain), UL (USA).  our Flame Retardant Cotton Fabrics keep flame resistant properties after 100 and more washings. This has been approved by a well- recognised Underwriters Laboratory (UL).

Cotton FR Fabric combine variety of performances -- outstanding wearer comfort, appearance, durability, have good perspiration and absorption,  and our cotton is OEKO-TEX 100 certified ensuring no harm to the wearers.

Cotton FR fabrics are most used in Automotive, Petrochemical, Power energetics and other industries. Protective clothes made from these fabric offer you a good protection for a very reasonable price.