Cotton Nylon (88/12) Flame Retardant Fabric


Tianyu Textile Flame Retardant Nylon Cotton fabric collection made of NC- blend (88% cotton/12%Nylon) with flame retardant finishing. These protective fabrics are most used in regions with hot climate in such industries as Oil, Gas, Electric, Machinery and other industries.
Natural, Comfortable and Light– our Nylon/Cotton 88/12 blend has all the comfort of natural fibers, and durability of nylon. Treated with special chemical process NC blend becomes flame retardant. Tianyu FR-NC fabrics have very low level of formaldehyde (less than 70ppm) thus ensuring no harm to the skin of wearers. NC blend allows to reach HRC 2 level of protection from Arc Electric with the weight of only 240gsm. This saves the workers from excessive heat in hot climate and helps them to do a job in a more comfort conditions.
Internationally Certified – our Nylon/Cotton 88/12 fabrics have been certified to comply with the meet main European and American standards (like, ISO 11612/11611, EN 61482, ASTM 1959, NFPA 2112) and have been certificated in BTTG (UK), Kineсtrics (Canada), Vartest (USA), AITEX (Spain), UL (USA).  our flame retardant cotton fabrics keep flame resistant properties after 100 and more washings. This has been approved by a well- recognised Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Using protective clothes made with our FR Nylon/ Cotton 88/12 you have a good protection for very reasonable price. C/N FR fabrics would serve you in ready fr-garments much longer than fr-treated pure cotton. This feature makes NC fabrics very good investments, as they cost only about 25% more than Cotton fabrics, but lasts almost 2 times longer.
Due to its durability, high protective level, comfort and longer life cycle.Nylon/Cotton 88/12 garments have become very popular in many countries during the last decade. These fr-apparel provides high level of protection in almost all industries, but it became especially popular in Oil and Gas industries.