Tianyu Functional Fabric: (1) Flame Retardant Fabric


There are two main ways to achieve flame functional textiles,

One, finishing with a layer method retardant fabric surface or penetrate into the interior of the fabric.

At present, the internationally popular flame retardant technology has Prune benzene (Proban) and CP .

Prune benzene (Proban) is a water-soluble flame retardant, easy to penetrate inside the fiber, it has flame retardant properties. It is a method for cotton fiber and fabric finishing flame retardants, its main feature is the use of this flame after finishing production permanently crosslinked to form inside the fabric, so it has a flame retardant performance, and to maintain the original performance fabric.

Second, the function of the flame through the flame retardant polymer polymerization, blending, copolymerization, composite spinning, extrusion modification access technology into fibers, the fibers having flame retardancy, i.e., flame retardant fiber.

Use of flame retardant fiber at home and abroad market basically has: aramid fiber, flame retardant acrylic glue, flame retardant, flame retardant polyester fiber, flame retardant whalen, etc.Using these fiber production of flame retardant fabrics besides excellent flame retardant performance, the most famous is the characteristics of strong washing performance, because its itself is flame retardant fiber, so ordinary industrial washing will not affect the flame retardant performance, is called "permanent flame retardant fabric.

Using flame retardant fiber production products have the following features:
1.Excellent permanent fire retardant properties, washing and friction does not affect the flame retardant properties.
2.Safety, low smoke when a fire fiber release, does not release toxic gases.
3.Conventional fiber as a carrier, does not produce harmful elements, comply with environmental requirements.
4.Good insulation, provide a full range of thermal protection.
5.Fabric has a conventional fiber has the absorption and desorption properties, with soft, comfortable, breathable, warm and so on.
6.After finishing retardant mainly for cotton or low proportion of chemical fiber fabrics, and flame-retardant fiber in a variety of chemical fiber as the carrier, give full play to the excellent performance of various types of chemical fiber.

Flame retardant fabrics are widely applied in the field, can be used for the production of protective clothing, special functional clothing, widely used in military, fire, oil, electricity, natural gas, metallurgy, machinery, mining, chemical, aviation, shipping and other industries; production of general clothing, especially children clothing, pajamas; production home, hotel decoration items, such as: carpet, curtains, bedding, etc; industrial machinery covers, tents and so on.

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