The 3rd wave of dye price increase would be starting


From the start of the year, Black series of disperse dye's price improved 5000 CNY/ton. up from 45000 to 50000 CNY/ton, and Blue series of disperse dye rised again 5000-8000 CNY/ton following the price raising (5000-10000 CNY/ton) in last week, the price is in the range 55000-58000 currently. The two varieties of Black and Blue series occupying for  70% of the entire disperse dyes.

To this situation, Tianyu Textile have expection of Davis Double Play effect.

Supply side: Under the two factors of Patent (The 1st wave of price increase) and tighter supply (The 2nd wave of price increase, caused by dye own environmental protection property) are still surviving, raw material supply factor (The 3rd wave of price increase) has been superimposed additionally. The price of dye has been more powerful than anytime before.

Demand side: During year 2014, after constantly cleaning up the inventory by downstream textile and garment industry, the demand of dye will be expected to be improved significantly in this year. In the whole industry, fewer inventory would be held, downstream demand 
has probability to improve, simultaneously rising of volume and price could be estimated.

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