After Finishing Qualities of Cotton Fabric


Woven fabric finishing process is the production of the final process, which typically includes a inspection cloth, folded cloth, grading, repair,washing, into bales and other processes.


1. Cloth Inspection

 Cloth inspection by workers on the fabric inspection machine, cloth inspecting the main task is to test a variety of surface cloth yarn faults, weaving defects, according to standards of good ratings and labeling and small repair work on the discovery of major defects disease and timely feedback.


2. Fold the cloth

The basic task of folding step is to test the cloth at a predetermined discount rate neatly folded into a piece, while the record length of cloth, stamped with the imprint, by species, category stacking defects.


3. Grading

The main task of this step is to reference to the relevant standards, according to defect disease markers, the fabric was given, etc., while master repair, weaving, washing range.


4. Repair, weaving, washing

The main task of this step is that according to a predetermined range, for Although downgraded but amended, weaving, fabric washing will not affect the quality of work and fee small flaw repair, darning and washed to improve the quality of cloth improve value.


5. into packets

Step into the package main task is packaged in accordance with relevant standards and methods for fixed and other repair fabric wash cloth, according to, the export requirements were packaged, good packaging and marking in accordance with regulations.

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