Cotton Textile


Cotton today is the most used textile fiber in the world. Its current consumption market share is approximately 56 percent for all fibers used for apparel and home furnishings and sold in the U.S. it is generally recognized that most consumers prefer cotton personal care items to those containing synthetic fibers. The earliest evidence of using cotton is from India and the date assigned to this fabric is 3000 B.C. Cotton cultivation first spread from India to Egypt, China and the South Pacific. Even though cotton fiber had been known already in Southern America, the large-scale cotton cultivation in Northern America began in the 16th century with the arrival of colonists to southern parts of today’s United States. With this new technology, it was possible to produce more cotton fiber, which resulted in big changes in the spinning and weaving industry, especially in England.

Cotton are generally classified according to their length: 1. Sea Island cotton 2.Upland cotton 3.Egyptian cotton.

Cotton, as a natural cellulosic fiber, has a lot of characteristics, such as : Comfortable soft hand; Good absorbency; Color retention; Prints wee; Machine-washable; Dry-cleanable; Good strength; Easy to handle and sew.

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