(Textile Knowledge) Introduction of reduce woven fabric shrinkage method


1. As far as possible to abate the tension during the refining and bleaching process.

2. In the whole dyeing process, all drying the wet fabrics are trying to release tension, reducing elongation to avoid width narrowing excessively. If the baking machine which scutched, need to installing small fabric accumulator, and then through roll racks to avoid the tension between scutching and squeezing is too large.

3. In the mercerization process, need controlling size enlarging, keeping greige fabrics' width and controlling tension on weft.

4. The rolls and drying drum in each procedure should be improved in service to ensure the smooth and clean. Avoid wrinkled when relaxing tension, running rollers in watergutter should be revolving freely. The linear speed difference between front and back drying cylinders should not be too large. Radial tension controlling fabrics not be dragged on floor as the standard, in the process of segmentation should have subsection drive control device to control the tension.

5. The products have been mercerized should be controlling the tension in aftertreatment process strictly, conducting acceptance inspection about front proc ess, to ensure the width of semi-finished fabric.

6. For some mechanical tension need to be manual controlling. Strengthen the mechanical cleaning to reduce running tension, so that effectively decrease fabric shrinkage.

7. To strengthen the inspection of mercerizing process conditions, it is better to combine with straight rolls and fabric clips.

8. The varietie have larger shrinkage in radial direction, such as Khaki and poplin fabrics, conducting pre-shrunk treatment to reduce their shrinkage. Because if only depend on machine to relax tension, the most optimal shrinkage is still up to about 4%. Via pre-shrunk treatment, fabrics could not only get lower shrinkage, but also obtain better handfeel and more clear texture.

9. Treating resin finishing also could reduce shrinkage and improve elasticity (neet to notice handfeel). Otherwise, as also coating would be.

10. For Polyester Cotton blended fabric, should pay adequate attention to qualitative mercerizing process and operation, could preferably control the shrinkage.

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