Regular Customer Mr. Nile come to visit Tianyu again and increasing engagement of business of both side


Mr Neil is the represent of CNM Garment JSC. CNM Garment Co is Garmany Based company which own three Garment Factory in Bangladesh, Philipplines and Thailand respectively. In the 3rd of February,he came to see our factory and this is the second time he visit to us since we corperate with each other for nearly five years

Firstly, he have a meeting with our boss and colleagues. this activity is carried out on a regular basis to strengthen our close partnership working relation, at same time he also provide several useful suggestions from both supplier and customers.  after that he came to see our product show room, then show around the factory, finally our colleagues of R&D Department provide certain categories of the samples were confirmed for their next year’s sale.
Mr Neil is really nice and outgoing, he said he had a very good time in China, and very like our professinal and service orientated work attitude. 

Many thanks for such highly appreciated given by Mr Neil and his esteem company, Perfection does not exist, we can just make it better. Tianyu's mission is to provide customers with the best quality products and services for business purposes, our products constantly updated continuously improve quality, we stick to the way of sustainable development. 

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