• Flame Retardant Fabric
  • Flame Retardant Fabric

CAFR-220gsm | 99% Cotton, 1% Antistatic FR | Twill 3/1

  • Material: • 99% Cotton, 1% Antistatic
  • Fabric Weight: • 220gsm
  • Fabric Width(cm): • 57/58"
  • Minimum Order Quanlity (MOQ): • 3000m ( Make-to-order)

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Description of CAFR - Cotton Antistatic FR 220gsm Fabric 

A light, 220gsm flame retardant fabric made of pure cotton with twill 3/1 weave. The fabric includes 1% antistatic yarn. 

CAFR-220gsm is a light flame retardant fabric with classic twill weave, developed specially for light flame retardant clothing. CAFR-220gsm fabric is recommended for use as shirts, vests, light pants, or even light overalls for hot climate.

FR-clothing made of CAFR-220gsm fabric provides superb protection of workers in risk zones. Made of natural cotton fibers it is soft and comfort to wear and at the same time CAFR-220gsm protects from risks of Flash fire and ESD sparks. Carbon antistatic yarn integrated as stripes in the surface of the fabric can prevent electrostatic accumulation effectively, and release static quickly, this fabric have high tear strength and tensile strength, durable and breathable, it can protect workers in oil-gas, chemical industry, metallurgy, electroplate, dyeing, paper making industry etc. especially suitable for gas station and firecracker making workshop, can prevent breaking out of fire or explosion.

Color Change (Washing 60°C) 4-5 ISO 105 C06
Color Staining (Washing 60°C)  4 ISO 105 C06
Rubbing Fastness Dry 4 ISO 105 X12:1995
Rubbing Fastness Wet 3 ISO 105 X12:1995
Light Fastness 3-4 ISO 105 B02


Tensile Strength (N) warp/weft 1200/550N ISO 13934-1
Tear Strength (N) warp/weft 23/26N ISO 13937-2
Dimensional Stability to Washing (Max) warp/weft +/-3% ISO 5077
Abrasion resistance 20,000 rubs               ISO12947-2:1999
Pilling Resistance 4                                ISO 12945-2:2001    
Care Instructions
Accreditations of CAFR-220 Fabric

ISO 11612 (A1, A2, B1, C1, E3, F1) – Protective fabric for industrial workers

EN 61482-1-2 (Class 1) – Protective clothing against the hazards of an electric arc

EN 61482-1-1 – Protective clothing against the hazards of an electric arc

ELIM = 7.7 cal/cm2

EN 1149-5 (1149-3 METHOD 2) – Protective fabric with Antistatic properties, ESD protection

Key Features:

1.NFPA 2112 compliant

2.Chemical flame retardant finish

3.Lightweight with protection against fire & heat

4.Good tear & tensile strength for a lightweight FR treated cotton

5.Natural cotton for comfort, softness & moisture control

6.Good colour fastness

7.Excellent wash shrinkage

8.Excellent pilling resistant
9.Tested to industrial laundry 50 washes at 75ºC. 

Test Certificates: 

                                                               EN11611, EN11612

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