Antistatic Fabric


Anti-Static fabrics are designed to eliminate ESD effect when working with electronics or for super-clean lab works. also suitable for gas station and firecracker making workshop, can prevent breaking out of fire or explosion. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) appears with a small spark, Such a spark might damage a part of a computer or other electronic part or device and even breaking out of fire or explosion. To prevent Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) sparks, antistatic fibers in the surface of fabric safely release static electricity.
Tianyu Antistatic fabrics use carbon anti-static fibers interwoven with cotton, polyester/cotton or polyester yarn and gridlocked into the fabric.
All Tianyu Anti-Static fabrics have been tested and certified according to EN 61340‐5‐1 (Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena) at international laboratory BTTG (UK).