Warmly celebrating our products passed the SGS certification


Warmly celebrating our products passed the SGS certification, the product is 100%cotton woven fabric which is tested this time. Test content is flame resistance, anti-oil capacity, water repellent effect.
Test Result of Flammability: Passed ISO 11611, the fabric can’t be lighted by the fire within 10 seconds.
Test Result of Oil Capacity: Passed ISO 14419, the fabric does not contain heptane. Oil is hard to adhere to the surface of fabric.
Test Result of Water Repellent Effect: Passed 4920, there is no wet trace in fabric’s surface after 20 degrees water washing
As the market changes, our company constantly improve product’s technology and optimize product’s performance. We will try our best to meet the requirements of all customers and earn customer trust with our most prefect product.
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