The sample exhibition room of Henan Tianyu Textile is already opening to the public after remodeling


Via a period of the time about decoration and reconstruction, the sample room of Henan Tianyu Garment Co., Ltd is now showing a fresh landscape to the public. During this period, the whole colleagues including the leaders and all staffs have actively participated in with a clear division of responsibilities, all to try the best so that the sample room has completed as soon as possible.

The swatches in Tianyu’s sample room include 100% cotton fabrics, Polyester cotton blended fabrics, Functional fabrics such FR fabrics, WR fabrics, Antistatic fabrics and Flannel fabrics and etc. Why do not you arrive to visit our company thereby could know more about our products and increase your impression? Believing you will absolutely satisfied with the quality and high cost performance of our fabrics.


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