(Textile Knowledge) Imported Fabrics and Domestic Fabrics


First, imported fabrics and domestic fabrics characteristics:

European fabric: a comprehensive, clear style, rich category, high prices, new fabrics stability is not enough

Japan and South Korea Fabric: outstanding focus, refining, depth

Domestic fabric: more specifications, systemic weak, cost-effective

Second, the Italian fabric good?

Details of the design is far exceeding the domestic fabrics.

Comprehensive and leading international menswear trend

Strong creative and design

Complete of series

Color advanced, practical and innovative

Targeted kind of clothing shows a strong impetus to the promotion of the fabric.

Small MOQ, flexible

Swatches with convenient, quick adjustment of color and pattern

Focus on brand value, positioning clear focus on customer and market research

Third, the Japanese fabrics advantage

Taking good performance, stable

Highlight its own characteristics, and market trends close, very easy to use

Good cooperation with national brand , customer resource integration

Spot system

Fourth, to enhance domestic fabric

MOQ is high - operation mode

Cooperation with domestic brand

Brand value and overall packaging

Need to buy hand-made fabric pattern of fabric designers

Fabric design ahead of fashion design

Technological development should be combined with good service

China will be the future of the world's textile center. The future of the world's textile center not only need to change our consciousness, we need to do to work on positioning, innovation and integration, which integrates particularly critical. Future trends in fabrics diversified, one factory alone is difficult to complete the development of a good fabric. Only full integration of resources in order to enhance their competitiveness in the international market, the formation insurmountable advantage.

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