(Textile Knowledge) Twill Weave Fabric


Twill weave is a kind of weave that repeat on three or more ends and picks and produces diagonal line on the face of fabric. In regular twill the diagonal line or twill line produces at 45 degree angle with the horizontal.

Twill weave is second basic weave from the production and using point it view, it is also in second position .Mainly the fabric painting are made it the structure. Example: Denim fabric (3/1) made it twill weave.

Feature of Twill Weave:

  1. Diagonal line can be seen on the faced of the fabric.
  2. Twill line may be from lower lift to upper right (Z-twill) or from lower right to upper lift(S-twill) corner.
  3. Smaller repeat twill is (3). It means take at least end and three picks produce twill weave.
  4. Three or more heald shaft is required for shedding.
  5. Generally straight draft is used for twill weave besides this pointed or v draft is also used.
  6. Appearance it will design can be seen from both sides the fabric.
  7. Diagonal lines run at angle vary between (15-75). Degree but in a continuous or regular twill is 45 degree.

Twill Angle:

Twill angle is the angle which is produced by twill line with respect to the horizontal line. This twill angle depends on following factors.

  1. Ratio between EPI and PPI.
  2. Difference between warp and weft count.
  3. Rate of advancement it interlacement warp and weft.

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